The difference between ordinary and
extraordinary is that little extra!


The Administrative Edge provides a wide range of in-house administrative services to both small business owners and corporate customers. These services are many and varied and include the following as samples of the types of services we offer:

  • Newsletter preparation, production and distribution
  • Design, production and implementation of client surveys for a wide variety of purposes
  • Database design, administration and operation
  • Report preparation
  • Presentations, business and project proposals

We are continually broadening our range of services as we research and source information for the distinctive and unique requirements of our varied customers.

Our on-site specialists develop creative, customized solutions to accommodate each client's most specific needs.

Flexible, affordable and dependable. In essence, these words describe The Administrative Edge. We can be contracted on either an ongoing or individual basis, whichever meets our customer's needs. Each of our services is tailor-made, whether it be for a large corporation or a small business.

Our staff are committed to providing top quality service that reflects a professional image for all our customers.