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Human Resources Support Services

Your employees are your most valuable resource! Recognizing the importance of their on-going development is vital to your company's success.

At The Administrative Edge, we realize the high cost of an inappropriate hire, a dissatisfied employee, or an unsuccessful placement or promotion.

Our licensed staff has researched effective assessments to address these concerns and we take pride in customizing our programs to each client's unique and individual needs.

Building the foundation for a solid business relationship begins with the employment interview. In order to best assess the prospective employee's value to the organization and how their effectiveness can be improved, we provide an in-depth personality profile. We identify strengths and weaknesses and how best to utilize or implement change. Our computerized skills testing provides a measure of speed, accuracy and skill levels within various word processing and spreadsheet software packages.

Human Resource Support Systems has a wide variety of effective programs to assist all human resources aspects of your business. From customized assessments, computer skills testing, and Myers Briggs Type Indicator to policy/procedure development and surveys, The Administrative Edge can assist you with every aspect.

For more information on how we can help you manage your business more effectively, call the experts at The Administrative Edge.