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Information Systems Technology

Finding the right people to meet your information technology requirements is a challenge for both the technical and non-technical manager.

The technical manager is usually buried in system projects that have ever tightening deadlines and often cannot spare the time to effectively screen and find the extra talents they need. Often, these needs come at critical junctures in projects and consequently place these projects' success in jeopardy.

Non-technical managers are overwhelmed by the ever changing technologies and find it difficult or impossible to properly evaluate whether candidates have the skills and backgrounds they require.

Our technology consultant brings over 25 years of hands on experience in all areas of technology usage and management. With experience in structured systems development, project management, systems management, technology implementation and support and staff placements in both the private and public sector, our consultant understands both business and technology.

When you need a service you can trust to understand both your business and technology requirements, call The Administrative Edge Inc.

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